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Students coming to Rwanda Coding Academy are selected by Rwanda Education Board througn the normal process of student placement.
Rwanda Coding Academy is listed amongst the schools students leaving Ordinary Level can choose from, and after the publication of National Examen Results Rwanda Education Board selects those who chose to study at rwanda Coding Academy and who qualified are qualified for that.

The selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. 1. Having chosen to study at Rwanda Coding Academy on the forms provided by Rwanda Education Board.
  2. 2. Total Score in National Exam for Leavers of Ordinary Level
  3. 3. Good Perfomance in Maths, Physics and English in National Exam for Leavers of Ordinary Level.

You should chose RCA if:

You want to study Software Engineering.
You want to be challenged by great teachers who will expect much of you.
You are interested in Cyber Security, Embedded Systems and Software Programming.